On Tuesday, April 2, K’nex pieces “showered” the gym at PSU, Beaver.


Beaver County school districts were invited to use their amazing brain power and give power to a working crane, yes, built from K’nex. There were some amazing displays of their idea of a crane lifting 3 objects and moving them 6 inches.


Ambridge had four participating teams that worked diligently to create, analyze, engineer, and finally…….have a crane that does just that. They had to have a blueprint, as well as a journal and cost sheet. It took so much thinking and energy, but they completed the project and met the goal.


Congratulations to our K’nex crews who were part of the K’nex explosion. It was a great day! Participants were from State Street; Middle School, and Economy. Kudos to them for braving the storm and letting their creativity shine. Teacher sponsors were Mr. Price and Mrs. Petukauskas.


  • State Street: Gideon Harmon, Noah Fabrizio, Emily Wissner, Fauth Aguirre, Gianna Georgakis, Lana Holcomb, Janna Rusnak, Alyssa Fodor

Middle School: Joshua Ziemkiewicz, Mark Rauenswinter, Lucas Gunther, Brayden Reeves

  • Economy: Halle Pruszenski, Bailey Braund, Talmage Bell, Max Modrovich
  • The students are already looking forward to next year for more K’nex designs.