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The Ambridge Area School Counseling Department's Advisory Council K-12 held its inaugural meeting on Friday, Nov. 15 at Ambridge Area High School. The council is designed to provide a partnership with members of the local community to increase meaningful opportunities for K-12 students in career exploration and development. 


During the meeting, a team of school administrators and school counselors strived to showcase how the K-12 career activities at Ambridge Area School District provide a comprehensive process for student development in career awareness, exploration and pllanning. Participation and feedback from the community was solicited and included representatives from local businesses, nonproft organizations, associations and postsecondary institutions, pertaining to activities and experiences that will enhance the job-readiness skills and post-graduate opportunities for students. 


The Advisory Committee plans to meet three times annually. The committee will reconvene in Spring 2020 to review goal progress, and again in the Fall of 2020. 



The 2019-2020 School Year is well underway. Joining the Ambridge Area School District this year are some new and talented individuals. To learn more about the AASD team, check out this detailed biographic here.

Addie Lucatorto


After spending most of her career in inter-collegiate athletics, Addie Lucatorto decided it was time to make a change to a setting that was more student-focused.

On June 20, the Ambridge Area School District offered Ms. Lucatorto the opportunity she was seeking, hiring her as the District’s new Athletic Director. Ms. Lucatorto replaces Mr. Brian Miller, who resigned from the position in March.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to work with younger student athletes,” Ms. Lucatorto said. “I have missed being in a position where the welfare of the student athlete is a primary mission of the institution. At this level, adults can truly make a positive impact on young people’s lives.”

Ms. Lucatorto said some of her best memories of growing up were when she was busy in high school with sports, drama, choir and numerous clubs. “Those opportunities set me on my path. People never told me that I couldn’t achieve my goals. They helped me to find the way to achievement. I have worked to mentor in the same way that I was blessed to be mentored.”

She began her career as an athletic trainer and spent time working daily with student athletes. She then moved into a more administrative role as a Senior Woman Administrator with Robert Morris University. Ms. Lucatorto served in her most recent position of Associate Athletic Director with Robert Morris University from 2006 through 2019.

Ms. Lucatorto prides herself on being a critical thinker who will ask the tough questions so that solutions can be found to any situation. With only a month on the job, Ms. Lucatorto jumped right into the planning for Homecoming Weekend, which includes a community pep rally on Thursday, Sept. 19 and the big parade and game, scheduled for Friday, September 20. The full schedule of events for Homecoming weekend will be announced soon. She also has had a hand in planning and organizing the first annual Bridger Back-to-School Kick-Off celebration, planned for noon to 2 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 19 at Wright Field House.

Something the AASD community can expect from Ms. Lucatorto is a growing presence for AASD athletics on the athletics website and social media. She plans to provide snapshots about athletic events, AASD athletes and other important information on the Twitter and Facebook accounts. She has also made it a priority to launch an AASD Athletics Instagram account for the purpose of sharing photos of our athletes and athletic events and accomplishments.

“We are extremely fortunate to have someone with Addie’s skill set and experience in this position,” said Superintendent Dr. Jo Welter. “She truly cares about the well-being and overall success of our student athletes, not just on the field, but off the field as well.”

Ms. Lucatorto said she has felt very comfortable transitioning into her new role, and credits the Ambridge community for the ease in which she has been able to make the change. “The Ambridge community has been incredibly welcoming. I have met a lot of wonderful people that are committed to giving the students in AASD a positive athletic experience.”

Follow the Ambridge Bridgers Athletic website for the most up-to-date news on all AASD athletics and athletes.


Seeds of Change 3Seeds of Change HS




By Dinah Bailey
AAHS Sophomore


Five Ambridge High School students, along with Mr. Roos and Mrs. Green, attended the “Seeds of Change” event, held at the Chatham University Eden Hall Campus, on Monday, March 4th, 2019. 


The focus of this conference expressed ideas of sustainability, and similar environmental issues. For the first part of the conference, the students observed other Pittsburgh area school’s projects. The projects all focused on how their school was introducing the practice of sustainability. One group discussed the benefits of using metal utensils in the cafeteria, rather than plastic and another school discussed how their garden is impacting their school and community. All of these projects allowed the Ambridge attendees to grow in their knowledge about the environment at a community level and to see the contribution to reducing environmental impact that other schools are promoting. 


In the second part of the conference, the students had the opportunity to take part in circle discussions led by adult guests. Guests consisted of state legislators, council members, leaders of non-profit environmental groups, and more. This allowed discussions to be diverse and individualized.  The youth in attendance were encouraged to express their opinions and ideas, while the adults took time to listen. Overall, at this conference, the students gained useful knowledge that can help them to explore career opportunities, as well as to allow them to add perspective to the current aquaponics project they are working on as this year's Ecology Club initiative. 




On Thursday, March 28, 2019 the Ambridge High School Students were given to the opportunity to listen and participate in the formation of the ACT-SO program at Ambridge Senior High School by Mr. Carter Spruill, NAACP Chairman of the ACT-SO Program.


Founded in 1978 by renowned author and journalist Vernon Jarrett, ACT-SO (an acronym for “Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological & Scientific Olympics”) is an Olympic mentoring program whereby students demonstrate academic, artistic and scientific expertise. ACT-SO stimulates and encourages high academic and cultural achievement among African-American high school students.  

The ACT-SO program spans an entire academic year beginning in the fall, followed by planning, mentoring and coaching of students through winter months, culminating in local competitions in April and a national competition in July. ACT-SO is based on the dedication and commitment of community volunteers and business leaders that serve as mentors and coaches.

Students who participate in ACT-SO work with mentors to help develop projects in preparation to compete with other students in categories including but not limited to S.T.E.M., Humanities, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Business. Students receive medals and prizes provided by the local and regional sponsors and contributors for their achievements.

ACT-SO, often referred to as the “Olympics of the Mind,” seeks to promote the following: Positive self-esteem; Positive interaction between our youth and the adult professional community; Positive academic and artistic excellence and high academic and cultural achievement.

Students in the Ambridge Area School District were granted the opportunity to sign-up and be part of the great program Mr. Spruill has to offer, and listen to the vast array of opportunities for making a difference in their community. If you would like further information, or for your student to be involved in the program, please visit:

You may also reach out to: Carter Spruill, Beaver County NAACP ACT-SO Chairman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via phone: #412 329-7998.

Mr. Spruill also requested any parents/guardians that are also interested in helping with the program at Ambridge High School to please reach out via e-mail or phone to the number listed above at this time. Mr. Spruill welcomes community and members of the district to help assist in helping the program at the district grow in all facets.

You may also reach out to Ms. Benedict in the guidance office 724-266-2833, ext. 2482 with any questions.






On March 29, 2019 the Ambridge Area School District was pleased to announce the participation of 30 students in the “Build on Careers in Construction and Allied Industries” at the David l. Lawrence Convention Center presented by the Builders Guild of Western Pennsylvania. Alongside the Builders Guild, sponsors included Peoples and CNX, US Steel, Duquesne Light Company and Shell Chemicals of Pennsylvania. During this time, students were given the opportunity to make valuable connections to, not only community and local employers, but also the Trades and Unions including but not limited: Carpenters, Bricklayers and Allied Crafts, Ironworkers, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Boilermakers, Insulators, Plumbers, Electricians and the Laborers Union.


During their time at the trades fair, students participated in interactive activities with the regional building trade unions, industry partners, tool and product suppliers, and experienced a host of games and virtual trainings. Students also spoke first hand with apprentices, training directors, recruiters and others who provided greater insight into well-paying, sustainable careers and career avenues from apprenticeships to journeyman in Western Pennsylvania. The students also learned about educational pathways through no-cost apprenticeship programs, two and four year degree programs offered by area colleges and universities, and endorsed pre-apprenticeship programs for after high school.


All senior members were encouraged to bring copies of their resumes to hand to potential employers and for discussing career pathways with members of the industries at this time.

Mrs. Debona, Ms. Benedict and Mr. Groom with the assistance of Mrs. Brewer accompanied the students on the trades fair and received first hand instruction on the jobs the Shell plant and local unions are endorsing for future employment, and had the opportunity to hear Governor Wolf’s future plans for Western Pennsylvania.   The direction for employment is high in the labor field and continues to branch out to not only college pathways but to careers in the unions and the trades for future success after high school. The educators encouraged the students to also consider pathways in the trades and to speak to recruiters, and were able to bring back a vast array of knowledge to the student body as a whole. As one of the representatives from IBEW had stated, “Four year colleges are no longer the only route…we will continue to educate the need for the unions  and the trades at this time for a sustainable career."


The Community College of Beaver County is also holding an “Apprenticeship Readiness Program” where students can interact with 16 building and construction trade unions and tour several trades and unions tour sites during this time. For enrollment, students are encouraged to call CCBC at 724-480-3448 and ask to speak to an admissions counselor for the “Apprenticeship Readiness Program.” Any students wishing to pursue the trades or unions are encouraged to speak with members of the guidance team at any time for information. Please feel free to call 724-266-2833, ext. 2377 with any questions you may have.

Steel Band Groupweb

Photo Courtesy of Alan Freed




It’s shaping up to be a busy – and exciting – year for the Ambridge Steel Band.

Now in its 30th year at Ambridge, the band is celebrating the milestone with a few unique opportunities to shine this year. First on the agenda was the band’s performance in the 38th Annual WPXI Holiday Parade. The steel band was invited to march in this prestigious local parade, which was held on Saturday, Nov. 24. The theme for this year’s parade was “Neighborhoods,” and celebrated the 50th anniversary of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

“Much like the heartbeat of the once-booming steel town, the Ambridge Steel Drum Band has established a culture of excellence, hard work and pride for our students and the Ambridge community,” said Steel Band director Mr. Todd Hartman.

The band also will be performing at the revival of the B.E. Taylor Christmas Show at Heinz Hall on Dec. 17 and 18. Taylor’s family is reviving the concert series, and using it as a platform to feature some very talented musicians in the area. Learn more about the performance here.

The band also will be a featured ensemble performance at the 2019 Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA)/National Association for Music Education (NAFME) Eastern Division Conference at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh in April 2019. The appearance as a featured performer at the conference will be a first for any band at Ambridge. “This is an incredible opportunity for our students to be showcased in this way,” said Hartman.

Another thrilling opportunity is in the works for May 2019, when the band is hoping to host a collaborative performance with the River City Brass Band. World renowned steel percussionist Liam Teague is expected to participate in the event. Details still are being worked out for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, said Hartman.

“I think it’s safe to say this year is shaping up to be a big year for our Steel Band,” he said.

Check out the band on its Facebook page here, or at its website for a complete schedule of events.

HS Genetics Conference


On Tuesday November 27, 2018, twenty students from the AP Biology classes and Science Club at Ambridge Area High School attended a local genetics conference at North Allegheny Senior High School with Mr. Eric Harbison, AP Biology Teacher and Science Club Sponsor.

The Genetics Update Conference is held yearly by Sam Rhine. Sam Rhine is a medical geneticist and received his education from Indiana University in Indiana, as well as spending some time at Harvard Medical School. His conferences provide updates on the newest discoveries in genetics and medicine. Some highlights include the discovery of DNA segments that are correlated to common diseases and traits, the ability to use pig organs for transplants into humans to eliminate the waiting list predicament, and the ability to use a medical process known as CRISPR to perform genome editing to remove detrimental mutations from a person’s DNA. With the discovery of the DNA segments that are common in everyday diseases and traits, CRISPR can be used to edit those sequences with the hopes of one day curing ailments such as Autism, Schizophrenia, Type 2 Diabetes, and many more.

The biggest discovery Mr. Rhine shared with our students is that scientists have successfully used CRISPR to remove a harmful mutation from a developing embryo. This success was confirmed and published, as the embryo developed into a perfectly healthy baby that was born ONE DAY before our students attended the conference. It certainly is an exciting time in the world of Science!



Ryan Racioppo and his twin sister, Haley take part in the Westinghouse educational program on Saturdays that are offered here in the Pittsburgh area.  Both also participate in the NMSI AP program in the AASD. 


Ryan was so impressed and engaged with one of the recent Westinghouse presenters he took the initiative to approach him to learn more about his area of specialization. Dr. L. Alberto Cangahuala is the Europa Clipper Mission System Manager with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California.  The laboratory works in affiliation with NASA on space exploration missions and projects.

Dr. Cangahuala was so impressed during his interactions with Ryan that he offered to visit his school.  Ryan, along with his Physics teacher Mr. Paul Hladio, corresponding with Dr. Cangahuala, collaborated with AAHS  administration to have the distinguished professional visit Ambridge Area School District November 10, 2018. Dr. Cangahuala's afternoon visit included an awe-inspiring presentation on the Europa Project.   It was truly an event filled with insight and details on how this project will be executed by 2030, including the rational for selecting the Europa moon of Jupiter for exploration, what and how exploration data will be selected to make the trip, why the team believed water exist on the moon and insight how the professional from Baldwin Wallace went on to attend MIT to lead the team for JPL.   We only regret that we actually ran out of time at the end of the school day.


Dr. Cangahuala’s family still resides in the Western PA area and he has agreed to visit AAHS again in the future. We look forward to the time that visit can be realized.


The following was Dr. Cangahuala’s note to Ryan Racioppo as a follow up to his time at AAHS:


“Thanks to you and the staff for making yesterday’s meeting possible, and for the pictures.  You showed great initiative in reaching out in the first place; whileI hope I helped with your queries, I must thank you, Mr. Booher, and your classmates for your contagious enthusiasm.  I look forward to keeping in touch; in the mean time I wish you, your class and faculty all the best in your studies in the year ahead.”