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As the community already is aware, there was a water main break discovered in a 12-inch line off of 19th Street in Ambridge Sunday. Crews from the Ambridge Water Authority were able to restore access to water through a temporary patch by 8 p.m., but repairs to the main line are ongoing.


Highland and State Street elementary schools, and Ambridge Area High School, were affected by the water main break. Classes were held at State Street and the High School today; however, classes at Highland had to be cancelled. The water main break caused the school’s water tank to lose pressure, making it unable to provide water to the building. The Water Authority continues to work on the issue at Highland, with the hopes that school will be able to be reopened tomorrow. Parents will be notified as soon as possible about the status of Highland, but should be prepared for the possibility that classes may once again be cancelled tomorrow.


Classes will continue as scheduled at State Street and the High School tomorrow. The Ambridge Water Authority issued a boil water advisory for Ambridge Borough and Harmony Township at 1:30 p.m. Monday.  Due to this advisory, access to all water fountains and ice machines at the High School and State Street Elementary will be restricted. A pallet of water has been donated for each building, and students and faculty will have access to it throughout the day. Additionally, no fresh fruit or vegetables will be served during lunches. Only hot items will be available for the duration of the boil water advisory. All lunches will be served on paper products.


Activities at the High School will continue as planned this evening; however, there will be no access to drinking water on site, so residents are advised to bring their own if attending any evening practices or events in the building.


The water authority has not provided an estimate on when the water main break will be fully repaired. Even once the break is fixed, the boil water advisory will remain in effect for 48 hours as required by the Department of Environmental Protection. During that time, the water will be repeatedly tested for quality to ensure its safety for consumption.

The District will provide updates as they become available.