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A unique program to recycle old fire hose is being used to help ensure the safety and security of students and staff in the Ambridge Area School District.

Thanks to a donation from the Borough of Ambridge and the Ambridge Fire Department, the recycled hose is gaining new life as a way to additionally secure hydraulic doors from being forcefully opened during an active shooter or other emergency situation in which the buildings need to be secured or locked down.

Old sections of the hose are cut down into “sleeves” that are then slipped over the hydraulic hardware of these kinds of doors, locking them in place so they do not open. Each old fire hose can be repurposed to create roughly 100 sleeves. “This is a truly unique way to recycle old fire hose that no longer has a life or service to the Borough anymore,” said Borough Manager Joseph Kauer. “The Borough and the Fire Department are pleased to be able to partner with the District to help provide this added bit of security to their facilities.”

The sleeves are just one of many things the District is doing to keep students and staff safe. Other measures already in place include, but are not limited to:

  • Two Police Officers are stationed in the District – one at Ambridge Middle School and one at Ambridge High School – throughout the school day. The officers are available for use throughout the District as needed.
  • Exterior doors for all buildings are locked during the school day; all visitors are required to enter and exit through main entrances.
  • The District employs the use of the Raptor Visitor Management System in all buildings. Visitors are required to provide state-issued identification upon arrival, which is then used to conduct a brief background check before a visitor is granted admission to District buildings.
  • Students at Ambridge Area High School are scanned by metal detectors and bags are searched prior to entry into the building each morning.
  • Additional security cameras have been placed in locations throughout the District.
  • All employees are required to wear District-issued photo identification badges during the school day.

Superintendent Dr. Jo Welter said the District is appreciative of the additional security feature and the opportunity to work closely with the Borough and Fire Department. “It truly takes a community to keep our children safe. We are appreciative of the efforts of the Borough and the Fire Department to help us with this most important responsibility.”

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