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Ambridge Area High School students embraced the #ChooseKind movement with an activity designed to get them thinking about the value of being kind to classmates and standing up against bullying.

The event, which took place on Thursday afternoon on the "bridge" into the High School, was organized by student Marissa Hooks, who said she wanted to emphasize the power just a few kind words can have on others. Students who participated wrote messages of kindness on balloons and sent them to classmates. Anyone who received a balloon was then encouraged to include another message of kindness and launch the balloon in the community to help brighten someone else's day.    

Each balloon cost $1, and a total of 80 balloons were sold for the event.

High School Principal Ms. Janice Zupsic said she was extremely proud of the students for spreading a message of positivity. " Marissa brings a very positive message to the forefront with this activity. It is a great reminder to all of us that we should be helping to raise each other up rather than tearing each other down."


All proceeds from the event will benefit the Big Brother, Big Sister Organization. A full story on the event can be viewed on the Beaver County Times website here.



Mrs. Bogati submitted essays to the Legion written by students in her class.  They were titled "What A Patriot Means To Me". Samantha Freed was awarded 1st place by the Baden American Legion Post 641.  Sarah Sipes was awarded 2nd place from the Ambridge Post. Both girls were invited to the monthly meeting held at the Baden Legion where each of them read their essay to members who were in attendance. Afterwards, they were presented with a check from the President of the Baden Post.

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On Tuesday and Thursday (March 20 and 22), over 35 Ambridge High School students registered to vote as part of Elias Shingleton’s senior project.


During registration, students chose their desired political party and whether they wanted to be a poll volunteer on election day. All students who registered got a button to show their support and spread registration awareness, and were entered into a drawing for a Sheetz gift card.


Along with Elias Shingleton, students Taylor Welling and Tyler Weil also volunteered their time to help ensure the drive was a success.

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On January 25, 2018, the Ambridge Area High School hosted students from across Beaver County for the Academic Games competition.


The competition included events from Greek Mythology and historic events reported in 2017 in the world-wide media, including entertainment, politics, sports, science, technology, space exploration and medicine.

Students from grades 5 – 12 were invited to compete. The event was organized by the Gifted Support team from Ambridge. It takes a team effort, as our High School staff; technology department; food services, along with our custodial and maintenance departments are significant contributors in preparing for this day. Our gratitude is extended to all of these department staff members for their time and effort.


The students planned and prepared for months in advance to retain the plethora of factual information needed to compete.


This year, the gymnasium and the LGI rooms were teeming with students who were ready to qualify in these games. If a student qualifies in two or more Academic Games throughout the school year, they are invited to the National Academic Games. This year, the National Games will be held in Knoxville, Tenn., in April.


We are proud of all the students who attend and  hope to see many Ambridge Bridgers in Knoxville!


Special thanks to Sandy Kowal and the Ambridge Area Federal Credit Union for providing breakfast this morning for October – January Student of the Month and Extra Effort Award Winners! Great job everyone and thank you for going above and beyond!!!

Student of the Month –January  

9th Brandon Lewis

10th Haley Racioppo

11th Marissa Hooks

12th Dmitri Niarios

December Extra Effort – January  

9th Mallory Barkley

10th Caleb Terrick

11th Leuca Hanish

12th Rachel Pawlawski

Student of the Month - December

9th Kyla Fitzgibbons

10th Nathan Ritchey

11th Riley Sas

12th Sarah Gazda

December Extra Effort - December  

9th Zach Massimani

10th Brooke Lively

11th Dalton Brandt

12th Coltin  Barker

Student of the Month – November

9th Jeremiah Giordani

10th Gabriella Miller

11th Dasha Jackson

12th Logan Dobson

Extra Effort  - November

9th Kierron Kelly

10th Ryan Racioppo

11th Hannah Minnitte

12th Elias Shingleton

Student of the Month – October

9th Elizabeta Pucci

10th Kyla Shingleton

11th Jacob Dunlap

12th Joshua Schmitt

Extra Effort – October

9th Logan Sullivan

10th Logan Erickson

11th Sydni Orlowski

12th Priya Runner


We would like to thank all the parents, guardians, students and staff members that helped make the First Annual Transition night a wonderful success at Ambridge Area High School! We would also like to thank all the agencies and speakers that attended to help contribute to the night! As the night consisted of planning future academic areas and pathways that included our Beaver County Career and Technology Center, Trades, Advance Placement and Dual Enrollment classes, we were thrilled to see the students excited and invested in their futures while learning about their future academic/career curriculums! On behalf of the Ambridge Area School District, we are excited to see where all the wonderful future plans will take your student as we continue to welcome the upcoming class of 2022 to the High School! 

For your reference, the 2018 – 2019 Transition Night Presentation, 2018 – 2019 Course Flow Charts and the 2018 – 2019 Course of Studies Book is now listed at: > Schools > Senior High School > Left hand side: Guidance Tab > Scheduling.  It is also listed under the Course Selection Book tab.  The High School team also re-visited the Junior High the following day to answer any follow up questions and referenced this location for all students! Please feel free to use the information as needed for future planning!

In order to continue preparing for the transition to high school for the class of 2022, future upcoming events in the Spring and Summer will include: 8th- 9th grade move-up day: All students will be able to explore the high school as a class and learn about the programs, meet and greet the school counselor and high school staff, and explore what the high school has to offer.  Freshman Orientation: Parents and guardians will be able to explore and review expectations at the high school, understand graduation and class requirements in addition meet all high school staff while walking through their student’s schedules. Details on the dates will follow!

We once again would like to thank the parents/guardians, students, community agencies and staff for taking time to explore the High School curriculum as we continue to prepare for a wonderful future of academics and career explorations! Best wishes at this time for a wonderful Holiday break!

Reference:  The 2018-2019 Transition Night Presentation, 2018-2019 Course Handouts and Course Catalogue is now listed at: > Schools > Senior High School > Left hand side: Guidance Tab > Scheduling.




Above: Student Council Members that assisted with the 2017-2018 Transition Night: (Back from left to right): Niya Ridout, Haley Racioppo, Ryan Racioppo, Ariyana Thomas, Alexis Cain, Aubreyanna Biteler, Marissa Hooks, Joshua Peters, Dimitri Niaros, Jacob Dunlap, (Front) Eric Smith; Taylor Welling, Jenna Kunkel, Logan Erickson