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Congratulations to the following inductees for the 2016-2017 school year!
Left to Right:
Noelle Streiff, Amanda Hare (2 year member), Benjamin Loftus, Caroline Chalupiak


Congratulations to Dmytri Rakovan for winning 1st runner up for Mr. Beaver County and a $500 scholarship! His escort was Addie Kowal.

March HS

Congratulations to the following students!

9th Grade Student of the Month
Michelina Mecchia

10th Grade Student of the Month
Jacob Miles

11th Grade Student of the Month
Rachel Pawlawski

12th Grade Student of the Month
Tyus Airhart

9th Grade Extra Effort
Haley Thompson

10th Grade Extra Effort
Erick Smith

11th Grade Extra Effort
Coltin Barker

12th Grade Extra Effort
Will Dugan


The musical Beauty and the Beast was performed at the Ambridge Area Highschool from Thursday, March 9 to Sunday, March 12.  Main roles in the musical were played by Megan Huey, Dmytri Rakovan, and Ryan Mikush, as well as many others.  View the rest of the article to see the entire cast list, as well as some additional pictures from the play taken by Alan Freed from the Ambridge Connection.

Read more: Beauty and the Beast

February HSFebruary HS2

Congratulations to the February Student of the Month and Extra Effort Award Winners!
Student of the month
9th Cade Grable
10th Riley Sas
11th Miranda D'Antoni
12th Tom Caton

Extra Effort
9th Charish Jones
10th Jenna head
11th Daniel Elliott
12th Sanatha Yorke

Dmytri Rakovan was one of approximately 60 college and high school students that had the opportunity to sing with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Student Chorale with guest conductor Jack Everly in the presentation of Broadway Standing Ovations. The stage tunes from musicals included Oklahoma!, Camelot, South Pacific, West Side Story, Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera. Dmytri was excited to be given such a wonderful opportunity to perform with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Student Chorale Director, Christine Hestwood. 


Independent Swimmers Tony Kraus, Senior & Sarah Doncevic, Freshmen  will be representing Ambridge School district  in Mid Western Athletic Conference Swim Championships ( M.A.C)   at Moon High School on Saturday, Feb. 11 at 10 am.

 The M.A.C. swimming and diving championship include schools/ teams from the Western Pa  that are  just west and northwest of Pittsburgh.  Kraus will be competing in the boys 200 Yard IM ( seed time 2:07.35)  and  boys 100 yard breaststroke ( seed time 1:05.73).  Doncevic will be competing in the girls 100 yard backstroke ( seed time 1:04.49.)

Both swimmers qualified  WPIAL Swimming Championship at  that will University of Pittsburgh Trees Pool on Thursday, March 2, 2017 and Friday, March 3, 2017.

For more information, click here.


Congratulations to the January Student of the Month and Extra Effort award winners!

Student of the month:
9th Haley Racioppo
10th Leuca Hanish
11th Dimitri Niaros
12th Lizzy Sterling

Extra Effort
9th Grant Scheidemantle
10th Tommy Holcomb
11th Michael Mellor
12th Julianna Detrick


January HSJanuary Julianna

emily envision origEmily Gruca, 14-year-old Ambridge High School freshman joined 2,500 teenagers from 30 countries to attend Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit in DC.

The summit happens every four years and is designed to empower next generation leaders as they continue on their journey toward realizing the power of their potential. ​

Gruca was originally nominated by her junior high school teacher, Anthony Amadio,  to attend the Envision STEM Camp in the summer of 2016 at Loyola University in Chicago.

"Emily is a highly self-motivated individual that involved herself in her school activities while maintaining a high level of achievement" said  Amadio.   "I felt after my time with Emily in class and watching her participate in her extracurricular activities, that she was the type of young adult for this type of program."

Amadio added " I wanted to empower her to explore her interests and gain critical learning experiences beyond our classroom." 

"The Presidential Inauguration only happens every four years, so being able to witness it was truly amazing" shared Gruca.  "I also had the privilege to meet kids my age from all over the country, and I even made friends with a girl from New Zealand."
During the five day program, Summit scholars were given the opportunity to hear from subject matter experts and work together in small-group breakout delegations to generate solutions to 21st-century challenges that the next president and next generation leaders will face.   

Gruca had to tackle one-of-six topics that were given; she choose would impact her most in their future. The final topics are in the areas of healthcare, technology, the environment, foreign relations, human capital and women in leadership.

"I learned more about current global issues, such as the lack of women’s leadership and the role it plays in world peace" shared Gruca.  "This was something I found particularly interesting to learn about, since we aren’t normally made aware of issues like that in school. I also improved my public speaking skills, and I learned how to better communicate and collaborate with others." 

Gruca's future goal is to graduate as valedictorian from Ambridge,  enroll at Stanford, majoring in Astronomy. "Ever since the fourth grade, I have had a passion for trying to explain the origin of extraterrestrial objects and their evolution, as well as studying the planets, moons, stars, and other galaxies" added Gruca.  

"I recognize, however, that my dream college and career are subject to change in the next four years. Until then, I plan on going to more camps that will broaden my knowledge of careers and interests."


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