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Each year we build an end table as a culminating project in Manufacturing Technology I. This past school year we took it a little farther by including an inlaid checkerboard. This addition to the table was an option. There were about 15 students that chose to do this with their tables. The results were fantastic and I am sure we can include this again next school year.

Congratulations to three members of the Ambridge Boys’ Volleyball team for being selected to the Pennsylvania Volleyball Coaches Association All-State Team.

- Capen Brendle, senior, setter, second year on the All-State Team
- Anthony Baronio, senior, outside hitter, second year on the All-State Team
- Derek Kuhn, senior, outside hitter, first year on the All-State Team

They joined 18 other players from across the state to comprise this year's team. Attached is the complete AA  All-State Team.



Thank you to Ms. Zupsic for initiating a "Senior Walk" in the Ambridge Area School District. Some of the seniors came to each elementary school and the Junior High to parade our halls as the students, teachers, administrator, and staff applauded their accomplishments. We wish the Ambridge Area High School Class of 2016 all our best as they graduate on Friday, June 3rd.


We, the staff of Ambridge High School, would like to extend warmest wishes and congratulations to Ruthann Weedon. Ruthann is completing her junior year and was chosen as a National Merritt Scholarship Semifinalist based on her PSAT score of 1450. About 1.5 million students in some 22,000 high schools enter the National Merit Scholarship competition annually when they take the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Semifinalists are the highest-scoring program entrants in each state and represent the top 0.5% percent of the state’s students.

Semifinalists have to fulfill requirements to advance to Finalist standing. Each Semifinalist submits a detailed scholarship application, which includes essays and information about extracurricular achievements, awards, and leadership positions. Semifinalists also must have an outstanding academic record, be endorsed and recommended by a school official, and earn SAT scores that confirm their qualifying test performance. Ruthann recently took the SAT exam and scored 1500 out of a possible 1600 which puts her well on her way to becoming a finalist!

Ruthann is active in her school and community. She plays the flute and oboe in band and is a member of the Robotics Club. As a gifted student she participates in Academic Games and earned a perfect score in the Equations competition. She is also involved with the Girl Scouts and works at a Girl Scout camp in the summer.

Ruthann plans to graduate from Ambridge Area High School in 2017 and attend college to pursue a career in robotics. We wish her continued success in her academic endeavors!

Information on the National Merritt Scholarship was taken from Wikipedia.

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We are very proud of the nominees from Ambridge Area High School for the GOLDEN APPLE 2016 Awards.  These outstanding professionals were honored by the Prevention Network at a recent Gala.

Teresa Brewer

Joanne Gonzalez

Paul Hladio

Casey Stroyne

Jennifer Brocious


We would also like to congratulate the following who were nominated and won the Lauretta Woodson Award, given by the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees.  They will be honored at a luncheon at Shakespeare’s on June 10, 2016.

Teresa Brewer/Teacher

Deborah Carr/Para-Professional


A Prom Promise is a potentially lifesaving commitment.
Today, Ambridge High School students have the opportunity to promise to their classmates that they will not drive under the influence or text and drive.
Kuddos to our young adults for making responsible decisions! 

Ambridge Area High School

Class of 2016

End of the Year Schedule


Please be advised that the following is the schedule for the days leading up to graduation. Please understand that graduation practices are mandatory. Additionally, please keep in mind that there is a dress code for the graduation ceremony—please ensure that you follow it.


Date Event Report Time
May 2 – 11, 2016 Prom Ticket sales All lunches
May 13, 2016 Sr. Project check-in (auditorium) 7:30 am
May 16, 17, 18, 2016   Vo-Tech only - cap & gown pick-up Main office - all day
May 20, 2016 Prom Mtg/Grand March practice and Ticket distribution Period 5 - Auditorium
May 23, 2016 Final Exams Prior to scheduled final exam
May 24, 2016 Final Exams Prior to scheduled final exam
May 25, 2016 Final Exams Prior to scheduled final exam
May 26, 2016 Graduation practice/Breakfast 8:00 am – gym/cafeteria
May 27, 2016 Graduation practice/Cookout 8:00 am – gym/outside
May 31, 2016 Grand March/Prom 3:30 pm/5:00 – 10:30 pm
June 1, 2016 School Picnic – Kennywood Park opens at 10:30 am
June 2, 2016 Graduation practice 8:00 am – gym
June 3, 2016 Graduation practice/Ceremony 8:00 am – 5:15 to designated rooms


Click the link for the full information packet: pdf Ambridge Area High School Class of 2016 End of the Year Schedule (378 KB)


What's better than seeing ten guys compete in a pageant?  That's what I thought.  Nothing.  The 11th Annual Mr. Ambridge Pageant will take place this Friday April 29th at 7pm in the High School Auditorium.  Come support your friends Che Abrego, Ryan Killen, Patrick Gregory, Zak Ernst, Adam Fryer, Dru Stuebgen, Derek Kuhn, Dmytri Rakovan, Ryan Malatesta, and Seth Truskowski as they compete for the title of Mr. Ambridge.  Admission is $5 per person.  Hope to see you there!



Over the years growing food has gotten more advanced. We no longer need acres of land and gallons of pesticides. In today’s world we can grow a significant amount of food right from the inside of our homes. No sunlight, no dirt, no big machines, hydroponics can grow tons of food in half the space as a normal farm. Our plants for the hydroponics system will be used to feed kids from our school. The systems we are using are running off a closed water system which means water we use will be reused again and again to supply the plants with the nutrients they need. While this does save a lot of water it also provides a problem. Once the plants get watered they will take some of the nutrients out, and they will then have to be replaced, there is a calculated balance of nutrients, pH, and Ec in order to have the plants grow to their full potential. On a daily basis all levels will be checked by student volunteers from the ecology club run by Mr. Orend and Mrs. Green (Biology Teachers). The Ecology Club is a newly formed club this school year that plans to get more students involved with growing their own food and is using the hydroponics systems as a teaching aid for biology courses that are taught here at the high school.

Read more: Hydroponics

Congratulations to the following students:

9th grade Extra Effort – Nick Prentice

9th Grade Student of the Month – Hayden Wesche

10 th grade Extra Effort-Hailey Shaffer

10th Grade Student of the Month-Trinity Miller

11th grade Extra Effort-Tony Kraus

11th Grade Student of the Month- Porsche Hitte

12th grade Extra Effort- Jarett Cunnard

12 Grade Student of the Month- Ashlynn Murphy

They will be presented their awards Monday morning after announcements.


Left to Right: Tony Kraus, Nick Prentice, Hayden Wesche, Hailey Shaffer, Trinity Miller, Ashlynn Murphy, Jarret Cunnard

* not pictured Porsche Hittie

This evening the Ambridge Area High School hosted its 89th Ritual of Induction for the National Honor Society. Seniors and Juniors who exhibit high standards of SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, CHARACTER, and SERVICE are elected into National Honor Society.
Current Members: Che Abrego, Alyssa Adams, Rachel Bailey, Nathaniel Bosh, Elise Bracci, Jenae Bratton, Sienna Brock, Kassandra Deane, Mikaila Eross, Jordan Escamilla, Olivia Escamilla, Carrie Freed, Adam Fryer, Skye Galiardi, Madelyn Genre, Patrick Gregory, Emily Hicks, Ryan Killen, Noah Krokonko, Sarah Lundquist, Ryan Malatesta, Maya Niven, Tristan Pitts, Michael Pollin, Sydney Rabold, Dorothy Rowe, Jason Shaffer, and Colleen Walsh
New Senior Members: Amy Badger, Angelo Bonnoni, Scott Brenneman, Chloe Diakiwsky, Samantha Dugan, Ashlynn Murphy, Desiree Parish, Nicole Santry, and Dru Steubgen
New Junior Members: Nadine Bosh, Jeremy Bucuren, Hailey Burbage, Nicholas Campalong, Thomas Caton, Juliana Detrick, Luke Fowler, Anna Galiardi, Lauren Gaona, Jacob Giles, Olivia Golgosky, Mica Hanish, Megan Huey, Jared Jacob, Alana Jula, Sierra Kazil, Brooklyn Kotula, Madisyn Kovach, Ryan Kozlowski, Sean Malatesta, Tyler Marree, Alyson Matthews, Paige Mauldin, Taylor Mealie, John ​Olexsovich, Michael Pcsolyar, Elyssa Penson, Nicole Poulis, Thomas Quinn, Dmytri Rakovan, Olivia Rotthoff, Madison Sas, Elizabeth Sterling, Harley Stuebgen, Ruthann Weedon, Samantha Wolf, Korryn Zanella, and Antoinette Zappia
Photo Credit: Alan Freed Photography