The Academic Games League of America (AGLOA) is now set for its National Tournament. The AGLOA Tournament will be held April 26-29, in Orlando, Florida. Ambridge Area Middle School has three students who have qualified for this event, Naomi Husted 8th Grade, Jordan Garrison 7th Grade, and AJ Gerace 6th Grade.

These three students had to qualify in 2 of 5 academic games to make it to Florida. Naomi qualified in 4 games, Linguishtiks, Equations, World Events, and Current Events. Jordan qualified in Linguishtiks and World Events, and AJ qualified in World Events and Current Events.

Along with these three excellent students, A.A.M.S. was well represented in Beaver County with 9 other students that qualified in just 1 of the academic games. these students include 7th Graders Mark Rauenswinter in Linguishtiks, Josh Ziemkiewicz in Equations, Brayden Reeves in World Events, and Jason Simms in Current events.  The 6th Graders include Julien Hubbard in Linguishtiks, Lauren Mealie in Equations, Raina Hammond and Abby Reeves in World Events, and Blaize Kolar in Presidents.

We are very proud to have these fine students represent the Ambridge Area School District both locally and nationally.