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Congratulations to Gianna Rock and Harley Turner for placing as Honorable Mentions in the recent MS/HS Essay Contest. Both students will receive a $50 prize.


The topic for the essay was: Exclusing the Smartphone, what is the greatest invention or discovery from the past 10 years? How has this invention or discovery affected you, your friends and family? Please cite all references in MLA format.


The students' essays follow.




Genetic Engineering

                In the past ten years, there have been many beneficial inventions and discoveries. I think that the most beneficial discovery today is genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is the process of altering or adding DNA in an organism to make a transformation. The discovery of genetic engineering is beneficial because with it we can help get rid of all illnesses in young and unborn children, defeat diseases, and produce new foods.

                One-way genetic engineering is beneficial is because we can prevent illnesses in young and unborn children. We can prevent the passing of degenerative diseases from a parent to their children. If you have a disease, your children could inherit the disease or become a carrier, but with genetic engineering, we can help make sure that their children can live longer and healthier lives.

                Genetic engineering is also beneficial because it can defeat deadly diseases. Humans suffer from a number of genetic mutations that might never go away unless we intervene and genetically change the next generation to avoid these problems. A disease like Cystic Fibrosis is dangerous and processing with no known cure. This disease could be cured with the help of genetic engineering. This could help many people suffering with these types of severe diseases.

                Genetic engineering could also produce new food that could be beneficial. We could design foods that can survive harsh temperatures with genetic engineering, and make sure that foods have all of the right nutrients that animals and humans need. In addition, with genetic engineering, we may be able to make our foods have an improved medicinal value, this could help create edible vaccines readily available to people all over the world.

                People all over the world along with yourself, your family and friends could benefit from this amazing discovery. I want to work in the medical field, and maybe I could help benefit the world by using genetic engineering.


Tesla Powerwall

The greatest invention of the past ten years is the Tesla Powerwall, a stationary battery pack made for homes. This is due to the fact it takes energy from solar panels on a house and generates electricity, creating a cleaner and safer environment, as well as place to live.

The Tesla Powerwall is full of benefits, the first being it is environmentally friendly. When you have the Powerwall set up in your home, the solar panels it is connected to absorb the sun’s energy and generate electricity, as opposed to fossil fuels being burned to power homes, which emits toxic gases that harm the atmosphere and nature. Using this is especially advantageous for those that are environmentally conscious. The Powerwall is not only compact and simple; it is touch safe, which means that there is zero exposed wires and hot vents that someone could potentially hurt themselves. Not to mention, it is extremely secure and practical during bad weather. If an outage were to occur, the Powerwall allows seven plus days of continuous power.

It is also completely weatherproof, as well as one hundred percent self-powered. To add onto the advantages, it causes your bill to be cheaper in the long run. This is because it uses natural energy from the sun, instead of nonrenewable resources from the ground. The Powerwall further allows up to nine batteries to be stacked, supplying you with maximum electricity available at all times. All of this affects you, your friends, and family by keeping them safe, protected, and saving money. It allows those people to make a difference in environmental conservation, no matter how little.

In conclusion, the Tesla Powerwall is the best invention from the past decade because it saves anyone more money on electricity bills, is fantastic for the environment, and is safe for family and pets. No matter the age, any person could benefit from owning a Powerwall.