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Students in the 8th Grade Advanced Science classes fielded the annual Bradys Run Stream Study on May 22. Standard categories were Environment and Ecology, Mathematics, Science and Technology.


In each category, students were required to do the following:


4.1.10B-Explain the relationship among landforms, vegetation and the amount and speed of water.

4.1.10A-Describe changes that occur from a stream’s origin to its final outflow.

4.1.10C-Describe the physical characteristics of a stream and determine the types of organisms found in aquatic environments.

4.1.10E-Identify and describe natural and human events on watersheds and wetlands.

4.3.10B-Explain how multiple variables determine the effects of pollution on environmental health, natural processes and human practices.

4.3.10C-Explain biological diversity as an indicator of a healthy environment.

4.6.10A-Explain the biotic & abiotic components of an ecosystem & their interaction.

4.7.10C-Identify and explain why adaptations can lead to specialization.

4.8.10C-Analyze how human activities may cause changes in an ecosystem.