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The Science Outreach Center at Saint Francis University recently announced the winners of the 2019 Pennsylvania Statistics Poster Competition. The annual state competition is in its 23rd year overall, and is coordinated for the 11th year by Saint Francis University. 

These 471 posters were submitted from a total of 721 students. Judging for the state competition was held on Saturday, March 23, 2019. Two Ambridge Middle School students were among the winners:


8th graders

Second Place-$72.00

Addison Shaffer and Emily Hood

Dragons Breath

Ambridge Middle School

Taught by Donald Ayers


Fourth Place-$24.00

Emily Layne and Jordan Jones


Ambridge Middle School

Taught by Donald Ayers


Congratulations to our students!


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Ten 6th, 7th, and 8th graders were able to go to the Beaver County Conservation District and take part in the wetlands field trip.  During this trip, they were taught about the importance of wetlands and were able to catch and identify benthic organisms.  They discovered that the types of organism found indicates the water quality of a stream.

Congratulations to Gianna Rock and Harley Turner for placing as Honorable Mentions in the recent MS/HS Essay Contest. Both students will receive a $50 prize.


The topic for the essay was: Exclusing the Smartphone, what is the greatest invention or discovery from the past 10 years? How has this invention or discovery affected you, your friends and family? Please cite all references in MLA format.


The students' essays follow.




Genetic Engineering

                In the past ten years, there have been many beneficial inventions and discoveries. I think that the most beneficial discovery today is genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is the process of altering or adding DNA in an organism to make a transformation. The discovery of genetic engineering is beneficial because with it we can help get rid of all illnesses in young and unborn children, defeat diseases, and produce new foods.

                One-way genetic engineering is beneficial is because we can prevent illnesses in young and unborn children. We can prevent the passing of degenerative diseases from a parent to their children. If you have a disease, your children could inherit the disease or become a carrier, but with genetic engineering, we can help make sure that their children can live longer and healthier lives.

                Genetic engineering is also beneficial because it can defeat deadly diseases. Humans suffer from a number of genetic mutations that might never go away unless we intervene and genetically change the next generation to avoid these problems. A disease like Cystic Fibrosis is dangerous and processing with no known cure. This disease could be cured with the help of genetic engineering. This could help many people suffering with these types of severe diseases.

                Genetic engineering could also produce new food that could be beneficial. We could design foods that can survive harsh temperatures with genetic engineering, and make sure that foods have all of the right nutrients that animals and humans need. In addition, with genetic engineering, we may be able to make our foods have an improved medicinal value, this could help create edible vaccines readily available to people all over the world.

                People all over the world along with yourself, your family and friends could benefit from this amazing discovery. I want to work in the medical field, and maybe I could help benefit the world by using genetic engineering.


Tesla Powerwall

The greatest invention of the past ten years is the Tesla Powerwall, a stationary battery pack made for homes. This is due to the fact it takes energy from solar panels on a house and generates electricity, creating a cleaner and safer environment, as well as place to live.

The Tesla Powerwall is full of benefits, the first being it is environmentally friendly. When you have the Powerwall set up in your home, the solar panels it is connected to absorb the sun’s energy and generate electricity, as opposed to fossil fuels being burned to power homes, which emits toxic gases that harm the atmosphere and nature. Using this is especially advantageous for those that are environmentally conscious. The Powerwall is not only compact and simple; it is touch safe, which means that there is zero exposed wires and hot vents that someone could potentially hurt themselves. Not to mention, it is extremely secure and practical during bad weather. If an outage were to occur, the Powerwall allows seven plus days of continuous power.

It is also completely weatherproof, as well as one hundred percent self-powered. To add onto the advantages, it causes your bill to be cheaper in the long run. This is because it uses natural energy from the sun, instead of nonrenewable resources from the ground. The Powerwall further allows up to nine batteries to be stacked, supplying you with maximum electricity available at all times. All of this affects you, your friends, and family by keeping them safe, protected, and saving money. It allows those people to make a difference in environmental conservation, no matter how little.

In conclusion, the Tesla Powerwall is the best invention from the past decade because it saves anyone more money on electricity bills, is fantastic for the environment, and is safe for family and pets. No matter the age, any person could benefit from owning a Powerwall.



Ambridge Middle School took part in the What's So Cool About Manufacturing competition, partnering with Nova Chemicals in Monaca. Throughout the winter,  students met with manufacturers and engineers at Nova Chemicals to discover what is so cool about manufacturing and how the processes are done to impact their day-to-day lives. Students conducted interviews, took two site tours, and created this video project.


"I couldn't be more proud of their hard work and am hoping the community will take some time to vote for their video," said Ms. Abigail Koper, Middle School teacher. 


The video created by Ambridge Middle School students is eligible for six award categories, including Viewers Choice. Please like and share this video using the following instructions to ensure your views and shares count: Visit this website and then click on 2019 competitions-Pittsburgh North-Ambridge. Then click the "vote" button.


The Academic Games League of America (AGLOA) is now set for its National Tournament. The AGLOA Tournament will be held April 26-29, in Orlando, Florida. Ambridge Area Middle School has three students who have qualified for this event, Naomi Husted 8th Grade, Jordan Garrison 7th Grade, and AJ Gerace 6th Grade.

These three students had to qualify in 2 of 5 academic games to make it to Florida. Naomi qualified in 4 games, Linguishtiks, Equations, World Events, and Current Events. Jordan qualified in Linguishtiks and World Events, and AJ qualified in World Events and Current Events.

Along with these three excellent students, A.A.M.S. was well represented in Beaver County with 9 other students that qualified in just 1 of the academic games. these students include 7th Graders Mark Rauenswinter in Linguishtiks, Josh Ziemkiewicz in Equations, Brayden Reeves in World Events, and Jason Simms in Current events.  The 6th Graders include Julien Hubbard in Linguishtiks, Lauren Mealie in Equations, Raina Hammond and Abby Reeves in World Events, and Blaize Kolar in Presidents.

We are very proud to have these fine students represent the Ambridge Area School District both locally and nationally.



Recently, Mr. Brad Olenic's Advanced 7th grade science classes finished up a chapter on work, power and simple machines.  To incorporate the whole chapter, students were required to invent a Rube Goldberg project, which was to perform a simplistic task using at least five simple machines.  Students were given several weeks at home to design, construct and analyze their projects.  They had to video tape their projects for later use in presentations in class to their peers.  They also completed a notebook documenting the problem they were trying to solve, and included their materials used, a work log, an illustrated blueprint and a description of all the simple machines used in their project.  Check out some of their projects in the videos below! Great job to all of our students and their creative projects!


Project One


Project Two


Project Three

download 1download


Recently, the Sewickley Public Library donated a new book to every student in sixth through eighth grade at the Ambridge Area Middle School. 

EmilyFear, the Teen Librarian at Sewickley Public Library, and her assistant, Bridget Clark, sent a survey to every student in the Reading classes at the Ambridge Area Middle School asking them questions about their likes and dislikes of book genres.  The women then sorted through the hundreds of surveys and personally selected a "perfect match" of a novel for each student to keep. The excitement of the students when they received their "blind date" in late February was amazing!  Silent reading took on a whole new meaning...many of the students quickly read their novels, then switched with a friend.
This outreach program, made possible by the generosity of Sewickley Public Library patrons, is meant to encourage reading in teenagers in local school districts.  

Kennywood Day


The annual school picnic for the Ambridge Area School District will be held on Wednesday, May29, 2019 at Kennywood Park. The park opens at 10:30 a.m. and rides start at 11:00 a.m. Amusement tickets for Kennywood Park will be sold on Monday, March 18, 2019,  at the respective schools as follows:

Ambridge Area High School - 7:50 to 8:15 a.m.
Ambridge Area Middle School - 9:15 to 9:45 a.m.
Economy Elementary School - 10:15 to 10:45 a.m.
Highland Elementary School - 11:15 to 11:45 a.m.
State Street Elementary School - noon to 12:30 p.m.

A School FunDay Ticket is $28.00. Cash or money orders (payable to Kennywood) will be accepted -- no checks. Amusement tickets will be sold at the High School from Tuesday, March 19. 2019, until Friday, March 22, 2019, (from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) or until the supply of tickets are sold.All sales are final.No amusement tickets will be sold at theAmbridge Area High School after March 22,2019.You may purchase tickets online at up until the day of the School Picnic, May 29,2019.

School FunDay tickets will be valid on May 29, 2019, or every operating day in May, June through July 5, and September. Also, these tickets will be valid any weekday in July and August, with a $10.00 surcharge for Saturdays and Sundays starting July 6 through August. Please note that school tickets at the discounted price are not sold at the park. The cost of general admission, purchased at the gate, is $54.99. Children ages three (3) and under will be admitted free of charge and will be permitted to ride free of charge. Guests age 55 and over (proof of age required) will be able to purchase, at the gate, a Sr. FunDay ticket for $28.99. Guests under 46" in height will be able to purchase, at the gate, a Jr. FunDay ticket for $36.99.