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This first week at Ambridge Junior High has been off to an exciting and promising start!  We have several initiatives this year that will enhance the climate of the school and strengthen relationships among our staff and student body.  Our theme this year at the Junior High is GRIT.  GRIT stands for Gratitude, Respect, Integrity and Teamwork.  Our staff and students have identified behaviors that demonstrate these four pillars of character.  We are focusing on showing GRIT in the hallways and cafeteria this year.  It has been wonderful hearing students talking about and showing enthusiasm for GRIT amongst themselves.  Their introduction to GRIT kicked off with grade level assemblies where they got their first taste at brainstorming about GRIT – what the words mean and how it might look in the school.  They learned that through the demonstration of GRIT, they can earn spots on the Principal’s 100 Club and that they’ll be recognized for their positive behaviors and given the chance to win mystery motivators. 


This School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Program is an extension of the program they participated in at the elementary schools.  In addition to our focus on increasing positive behavior and a sense of community in our school, we introduced a new academic initiative, iStation.  This program will help our staff identify academic strengths and weaknesses of each student and customize online instruction to their individual needs.  Students will work within this program consistently throughout the year.  The program is highly engaging and interactive and we predict the students will enjoy their time working in it.  Quarterly assessments will allow our staff to appropriately program for our students during the Intervention/Enrichment period.  Junior High is a special time for our children.  They are starting to increase their independence and sense of identity while still needing structure and our support.  We believe that our School-wide Positive Behavior Support Program, that includes our theme of GRIT, will help our students make the connection between independence and responsibility.  Working together, respecting differences, taking responsibility for our actions and words, and showing appreciation for our school, teachers and community, will improve the daily climate at the Junior High and continue to show that this is a great place to be!







Sports Physicals will now only be held on July 27th at 12pm (all Junior high and High school student athletes). Phycials are $20 and athletes must have their physical packet and money (cash) on the day of the physical.

To view a printable version of the Physical Form plese Click Here.

For more information about physicals please visit the Ambridge Athletcs Webpage by Clicking Here.


During our Chapter on Stars and Galaxies I gave the students an assignment to research a galaxy or nebula, find certain information and using cross curricular teaching with the help of Jamie Jo our JH art teacher. The students used chalk and pastels to draw a picture of their galaxy/nebula. Although all the kids did a great job I always like to have a competition (short mans syndrome) and offer a small prize for the best in each class. Here are the winners!

pic 004 = Jacob Ernst

pic 005 -- Zac Dewitt

pic 006 = Parker Gazda

pic 007 = Emma Sovich

pic 008 = Kiki Chambers

pic 009 = Tory Hooper


This past week 14 Ambridge Junior High students competed against 2300 students from across Pennsylvania at the Tech​nology Student Association(TSA) state conference.  The Ambridge Junior High chapter did extremely well.  Over all the Chapter walked away with awards from 11 Different competitions.  We even had one of our very own students, Tyler Stickles, run for the State Treasurer position.  Unfortunatley Tyler did not earn his goal but made us all proud in his campaign and showed the state how great Ambridge Students are.  The events the Students earned awards in are as follows; Prepared Speech- Dinah Bailey, Environmental Engineering-Emma Sovich, & Kyla Fitzgibbons, PA Materials Processing- Zach Massimiani, Construction Challenge- Tyler Stickles, Xander Dowlin, Matt Kolwalsky, & Amelia Freed, Froensics- John  Barnhart, & Fiona Ozenich, Forensics- Diniah Bailey, & Emma Sovich, Challenging  Technology Issues- John Barnhart, & Dinah Bailey, Tech Bowl- Xander Dowlin, Natalie Garrison, & Kyla Fitzgibbons, Tech Bowl test-Kyla Fitzgibbons, System Control- Xander Dowlin, Matt Kowalsky, Tyler Simms, Chapter Team(Parliamentary Procedure)-  Fiona Ozenich, Josh Hovan, John Barnhart, Dinah Bailey, Tyler Stickles, & Emma Sovich.  Every one of these events were in the top 12 in the state which Pennsylvania is one of the most competitive states in the country.


As part of the Ambridge Area Junior High School career initiative, approximately 200 8th grade students experienced a college or university visit at one of three local campuses. This initiative was supported by Junior High School Principal, Mr. Cooke, and the Junior High Career Team.  The Career Team includes Mrs. Bober, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Hamiliton, and Ms. Scaletta.

Throughout the months of January and February, students were given the opportunity to visit the Community College of Beaver County, Penn State Beaver, or Geneva College.  On all three field trips, the 8th graders were able to tour the campus, take part in informative discussions, and get a first-hand experience of college life.  While not all students are planning to go to college, this was a great opportunity for our young adults to get more informed about the many options they will have after their graduation in 2021!  Ultimately, all of our visits and presentations strongly encouraged the importance of taking challenging classes throughout junior high and high school, attending school regularly, and thinking critically about the future.

We are so pleased we could provide this opportunity to our 8th graders, and we look forward to the bright futures they will be carving for themselves during their time in the Ambridge Area School District and beyond!


On Thursday, March 9, 2017 Ambridge Area Junior High School held its third annual Career Day.  The seventh and eighth grade students were given the opportunity to gain information about six different careers.

The JH was fortunate to have approximately 40 presenters from a wide variety of careers.  Participants included representatives from post-secondary schools, such as CCBC, Robert Morris University, Bradford, Pittsburgh Technical College, and the Beaver County Career & Technology Center.  We also had individuals from the health care field, law enforcement, EMS, as well as a social media specialist, a Google employee, and a geologist.  Also included in our group of presenters, were individuals employed Cana film and video, photography, individuals from Haemonetics, First National Bank, CYS, Entrepreneurship (Ambridge Connection), Grandpa Joes Candy Store, K-9 officer, AASD UMPC Athletic Trainer, SWAT Team Vehicle.

The Career Team would like to thank the AASD Administrative team for attending our Career Day. 

Career Day- ‘Very impressive!  I thank all those staff members who organized the Career Day at the Junior High School and the professionals who gave of their time to participate in this event. I spoke to several students who both appreciated and learned a great deal from this valuable educational experience. Again, thank you to all who participated.’

Dr. Joseph C. Dimperio

Acting Superintendent of Schools

Finally, a thank you to our principal, Mr. Shaun Cooke, for his unwavering support, our entire junior high staff for all the help and support given to us, and to our students, who were active participants in Career Day. Thank you to Officer Woods for arranging the Emergency Vehicles to attend.

On Saturday, February 4th, ten students from the Junior High School participated in the MathCounts competition at Penn State - Beaver.  Rhiannon Bosh, Jonathan Ciani, Xander Dowlin, Connor Finnegan, Kyla Fitzgibbons, Jeremiah Giordani, Ezra Hanna, Joshua Hovan, Marissa Kennedy, and Elliott Powell competed against students from 8 other Beaver County schools. Four of our students placed in the TOP 10 after 3 rounds of competition.  Connor Finnegan came in 10th, Xander Dowlin in 7th, JeremiahYou Giordani in 6th, and Jonathan Ciani 2nd.  This qualified Jonathan to compete at the state level MathCounts competition in Harrisburg on March 11th.  In addition, each school selects a 4 person group for the team round.  The teams compete for a spot in the state competition with only the 1st place team qualifying.  The Ambridge team earned 1st place!  Congratulations to Jonathan, Xander, Kyla, and Elliott for being able to represent the Junior High and Beaver County in Harrisburg.  Please join us in congratulating all of the students and wishing our state competitors good luck!


Jr High Science Fair Winners January 19, 2017


1st Place - Dinah Bailey

2nd Place - Matt Kowalsky/Brady Eisel

3rd Place - Jacob Ernst

4th Place - Dominic Santia

HM - Jacob Kotula/Will Hrinko

HM - Maura Devine

Hello Ambridge Junior High Families,

In accordance to the Act 71 guidelines of the Pennsylvania Department of Education we will be hosting our yearly Signs of Suicide Program.  This program is tailored to educate students on the signs of suicide and help them report their concerns to a responsible adult.  The 8th grade program will be held the morning of November 10th and the 7th grade program will be held on the morning of November 14th.  Please see the attached document for more details.  I have also included a link to more information on Act 71 if you would like more details. Thank you and Have a great day. 


SOS Parent Letter 2016