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Charity Speech Winners 2017 2018 2

Congratulations to the following students who have been voted by their peers to have given the best combined informative and persuasive charity speeches in Ms. Wandel’s 8th grade English classes.  These students will have donations made in their names to the charities on which they presented.


The winners are:

Lanaya Pharr and the charity He for She

Austin Merlina and the charity Easter Seals

Elliott Powell and The Fisher House charity

Brandon Streb and the ALS Foundation

Jenna McFarland and the Breast Cancer Foundation


Congratulations to all students on a job well done, and thank you to everyone who donated!

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Students were greeted this morning by encouraging and positive messages from staff members for the start of the PSSA testing. Staff arrived to school early today to create the messages, and also placed supportive messages in the hallways for students near their assigned testing areas.


jenna roppa

Each year the National Park Trust holds a contest to get kids to parks.  They offer a $1,000 grant that must be written mostly by students.  This year Jenna McFarland with the help of Mr. Ayers won the $1,000 grant.  She is taking the 8th grade honors classes to Moraine State Park on May 8th.  The program will include the following:  Forest Management with a Dept. Natural Resources Forester, a history & sight-seeing trip on the boat the Nautical Nature, and Tree Identification with the local Park Ranger Mike Shaffer.  Great job Jenna!

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On March 23rd and 24th, a seventh grader at the junior high school, Rudy Erickson, competed at the state MathCounts competition in Harrisburg against 126 students from across the state. To qualify for the state competition, students from 274 schools participated in the 21 local competitions. 


On Friday, Rudy participated in an engineering activity sponsored by University of Pittsburgh Johnstown, and also a practice countdown round. Saturday morning was the actual testing round, in which he competed along with 5 other students from Beaver County.


Please join us in congratulating Rudy for his achievement in being among the top Mathletes in the state. 


On Saturday, February 3rd, ten students from Ambridge Area Junior High competed at Penn State Beaver for the annual Beaver County MathCounts Competition. MathCounts is a nationwide junior high school math program. Its purpose is to administer math enrichment, coaching, and competition programs, while increasing enthusiasm and enhancing achievement in middle school mathematics. Each year, 500+ local competitions and 57 state competitions are conducted through the United States.​



Competitors from Ambridge were: Rudy Erickson, Leah Fritsch, Will Gruca, Josh Hovan, Camden Mawhinney, Elliott Powell, Dalton Prevost, Ivan You, Evan Waschak, and Nicholas Waschak​. 

After 3 rounds of competition, our four person team of Rudy Erickson, Josh Hovan, Elliott Powell, and Ivan You won the 2nd place team trophy. After the final countdown round, where each student in the top ten came to the stage for a head to head contest, three of our students placed in the top ten. Ivan You earned the 8th place spot, Elliott Powell the 5th place award, and Rudy Erickson earned 3rd place. 


As part of the top 4 individuals in Beaver County, Rudy Erickson will be representing Ambridge and Beaver County at the state MathCounts competition in Harrisburg on March 23-24, 2018. Please join us in supporting Rudy as he travels to Harrisburg to compete against students across Pennsylvania!


Congratulations to the Ambridge Junior High for their outstanding fundraising efforts made in the support of the American Heart Association.  Over the course of a week, the Interact Club held various fundraising activities including face painting and selling wrist bands.  The week ended in a dodge ball tournament for which students bought American Heart Association t-shirts as their ticket to play in the game.  Because of the generosity and involvement of the students and staff, the Junior High raised approximately $1,300 in support of the American Heart Association!  A huge thanks goes out to all of the students and staff of the Ambridge Junior High, as well as the administration for their ongoing support to these charitable endeavors. 

Junior High School students in Jamie Zbrzezny's art classes are currently working on an art installation in conjunction with artist Lindsay Huff and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. 
The students are creating an aluminum collage or mosaic by upcycling aluminum pop cans.  The mural will be an interactive exhibition for many years as it will become the center piece for Children’s Grief Awareness Week’s Hope butterflies.  


Starting on Monday, the Junior High Interact Club will be hosting a "Penny War" to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and Hodgkin’s disease and to improve the quality of life for patients and their families.  This fundraiser will run the recommended three week time frame from Monday, March 5th until Friday, March 23rd.

What is a Penny War you may ask?  It's pretty simple.  Students bring in all the pennies they can and put them in their homeroom's donation box.  Easy enough?  There's just one catch...they can also bring in any other money, like nickels, dimes, quarters, and even dollar bills to sabotage other homerooms!  Anything other than pennies will subtract from the money earned.  General rule...pennies will add to your total, and all other money will take away.  The homeroom with the highest balance (taking into account the sabotages) will win! So, we are asking students to bring in their money starting Monday!  As long as the school raises $750, the Leukemia and Lymphoma society will pay for a pizza party for the winning homeroom.

The best part is that regardless of the highest or lowest balances collected by homerooms, all of the money collected will benefit a person in need.  The Interact Club thanks you for your generosity!

The 8th grade science students watched a video on the "Finches of the Galapagos Islands , the students were challenge in an adaptations lab to mimic various bird beaks of the 13 finch species on the islands.  Their task was to get as many Skittles and/or M7M's as possible which represented their food source.  The students soon found out if the birds did not have the right tool for the right job they could be come extinct rather easily.

As part of the 8th grade Accelerated Science class, the students began work on a Science Fair project in early September and work diligently through the end of January culminating in the Junior High Science Fair.  This year was the 21st annual competition.  We bring in judges from various walks of science related life as our experts to interview the students.  We award the top four projects with certificates and checks.  The top 20 will then attend the annual Pittsburgh Regional Science Fair at Heinz Field just after Spring break.

On November 17th, Ambridge Junior High welcomed Special Agent Jeff James from the United States Secret Service ,as a guest speaker for the 8th grade history classes.  As a member of the Secret Service for the past 22 years , Agent James has many roles, which include presidential and dignitary protection and security , Presidential threat investigations and counterfeit money investigations. During his presentation , Agent James spoke about the history and duties of the Secret Service.  In addition, students learned and some participated in demonstrating the formations and procedure used to protect the president in large crowds. Everyone enjoyed listening to Agent James’s personal stories and having their questions answered.