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The musical Beauty and the Beast was performed at the Ambridge Area Highschool from Thursday, March 9 to Sunday, March 12.  Main roles in the musical were played by Megan Huey, Dmytri Rakovan, and Ryan Mikush, as well as many others.  View the rest of the article to see the entire cast list, as well as some additional pictures from the play taken by Alan Freed from the Ambridge Connection.

The director and set designer was Lora Oxenreiter, the musical director and vocal coach was Brenda Harsch-Menjivar, the choreographer was Darci Kokoski, the assistant director was Michael Fitzpatrick, the conductor was Jeff Desantis, the sound coordinator was Matthew Hladio, the lighting designer was J.R. Shaw, the stage manager was Hannah Pritchard, the set construction chief was Jerry Bell, the prop crew chief was Laura Mikush, the costume chair was Clara Powell, the faculty sponsor was Karen DeMarco, and the intern was Angela Curcio.

The cast list is as follows, in order of appearance:

Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress
Lydia Ciani

Young Prince
Sean Malatesta

Megan Huey

Jacob Giles

Dmytri Rakovan

Thomas Holcomb

Monsieur D’Arque
Corey Shaffer

Josh Peters

Zach Ernst

Savannah Bell

Mrs. Potts
Alyson Matthews

Miley DeVinney, Emma Diakiwski

Madame de la Grande Bouche
Kamryn Rudolph

Ryan Mikush

Silly Girls/Ensemble (in alphabetical order)
Julianna Detrick, Marissa Hooks, Caitlin Kiliany, Carlina Powell

Aristocratic Lady
Bethany Fritsch

Fish Man
Dylan Irvin

Egg Man
Ryan Kozlowski

Sausage Curl Girls­
Maddie Smith, Jordan DeWeese

Jay Scranton

Lady with Cane
Molly Moore

Lady with Baby(ies)
Emma VanDyke

Candle Lady
Claire Matzie

Hat Seller
Dylan Bellinger

Amanda Mikush

Shepherd Boy
Jacob Shoup

Sean Malatesta

Gaston’s Cronies (including LeFou)
Ryan Kozlowski, Dylan Irvin, Sean Malatesta, Jay Scranton, Jacob Shoup, Dylan Bellinger, Corey Shaffer

Wolves (dancing roles)
Juliana Detrick, Bethany Fritsch, Marissa Hooks, Caitlin Kiliany, Carlina Powell

Ensemble (Villagers/Servants) – in the order in which they auditioned
Carlina Powell, Haley Sterling, Morgan Eisenhauer, Ryan Kozlowski, Hailey Meyer, Emma VanDyke, Jenna Kunkel, Dylan Irvin, Paulina Minehart, Caitlin Kiliany, Bethany Fritsch, Amanda Fowler, Claire Matzie, Lydia Ciani, Marissa Hooks, Sean Malatesta, Jay Scranton, Amanda Mikush, Jacob Shoup, Laura Wargo, Jordan DeWeese, Maddie Smith, MacKenzie Dugan, Jackie Parison, Dylan Bellinger

Junior High Cast
Molly Bodzenski, Piper Dunlap, Zoe Setzenfand, Emily Lyon, Lily Vignere, Leah Fritsch, Paige Hanna, Madison Prentice, Jaiden Cook, Valeria Young, Mona Indovina