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“11-12th Grade Reading: Speed Dating-A Book”

Mrs. Neel and Mrs. Phillips’ 11-12 grade reading class participated in “Speed Dating: A Book” on October 18, 2017. Six novels were candidates as well as six different flavors of popcorn. Students broke into groups and had 4 minutes to “interview” each novel. They answered questions such as “Tell me about yourself (the book).” “Where are you from?” “Though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the truth is that looks are important. What makes this book attractive and interesting to look at?”


After they were done analyzing the book they sampled the popcorn at the desk. If they liked the popcorn, they placed some into a bag and rotated stations.  

At the end of the rotations, the students voted on the next novel they would like to read in class as well as their favorite flavored popcorn.


The results are in! The students selected “Maus I: My Father Bleeds History” By: Art Spigelman. This is a graphic novel about The Holocaust. They also chose cheddar popcorn as their favorite.