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Session 1        


Students will create take-home key chains (or pendants if preferred) utilizing sheet roofing copper and fused glass enamel.

This will serve as a general introduction to the process, and I've found that a take-home first project can help to build engagement and enthusiasm.

Session 2        


Students will learn to manipulate metal (copper, brass, silver-plate) wire to create models of various cell organelles.

These small wire drawings will act as charms that can be strung onto a necklace or bracelet. Depending on class size/class dynamic,

  1. Students can individually create all of their organelles, or ideally,
  2. Students will each be assigned an organelle and make multiples of it. Wire charms will then be exchanged with other students so that each student has a full set of organelles.


Session 3        


Students will create small double-sided metal panels that can become either a pendant for a necklace or a keychain.


Session 4        


Students will finish their etching pendants and begin metalsmithing for large dishes/panels.

These small panels will be a canvas for artistically interpreting a cell of the students’ choosing.


Session 5        


Students will continue with research on cells and view images from the online

exhibition “Art Under the Microscope: Cell Press,” in which Michigan fiber and quilt artists interpreted a microscope

slide of a particular cell (neural cells, mouse skin cells, an intestinal villus, xylem and phloem, etc.) in fiber art.

As they complete the metalsmithing of their copper panels, they will begin to apply base layers of opaque enamel to their copper.


Session 6        


Students will continue enameling panels, and will begin to add detail with liquid enamel.

They will beginning of research/planning for large hanging cell mobile.


Session 7        


Beginning of work on mobiles (and finish any remaining individual panel enameling)


Session 8, 9, 10           


Beginning of metalsmithing for mobiles