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Students who fail a required course during their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year must successfully make up the course in a recognized and/or approved summer school or remedial program by the High School Principal at Ambridge Area School District.

The summer school class must be completed as required prior to graduation. 

Please feel free to contact the High School Guidance office for more information at 724-266-2833.

As a courtesy and convenience to our students and parents / guardians, we have established a remedial summer school program for our students in grades 9-12. Details are listed below:

A.A.H.S. Remedial Summer School 2016 - 2017:

Start Date:  June 19, 2017

End Date:  June 28, 2017

AM Session:  English or Science

Time:  8 AM - 11:20 AM

PM Session:  Social Studies or Math

Time:  11:40 AM - 3 PM

Location:  Ambridge Area Senior High School - 909 Duss Avenue, Ambridge PA 15003

Questions:  Guidance Office (724) 266 - 2833

Registration Form must be completed and signed: 

pdf CR summer school brochure 2016 2017 (670 KB)

All sign-ups and applications are in the High School Guidance Office:

*Cost:  $200 per course / Due June 28, 2017 - Please contact Guidance for .5 credit payments

*Payment:  Checks or Money Orders can be made out to:  Ambridge Area High School - Credit Recovery

*Course availability will be based by demand / A minimum number of students are required for class to be conducted

*Course registration information is available in the high school guidance office or the brochure may be downloaded.

*Attendance is mandatory / Students may be dismissed for any discipline / attendance violation and payment will still be required.


 The following CR school attendance rules will be enforced:

*Students will only be excused for illness (required doctor verification), a family emergency, or a religious holiday.

*Students who miss more than one (1) day during a given session will be dismissed from CR and receive a failing grade for that class. Students will still be responsible for payment and will not be reimbursed.

*You must complete the work for each night. Work that is not completed or randomly filled in will be marked as a 0 and will not count for your final grade.

*You must report by the class start time and cannot be more than 10 minutes late or you will be marked absent. Student’s are not permitted to leave early or will be considered absent.

*Students will be considered absent if they leave school at any time before being dismissed.

*Students may not leave the school grounds for any reason until their dismissal at their designated class time.



Attendance Policy:

*All students are expected to be in attendance every day that school is in session. If a student cannot be in attendance on a specific day, the parent must notify the office at 724.266.2833 no later than 8 AM.